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โ†’ node [[2022-07-03]]
  • [[jz]]
  • [[ladee]]
  • [[flancia]]
    • [[agora]]
      • [[agora pkg chapter]]
        • write [[chapter outline]] by EOD
          • decide where should I write it?
            • hedgedoc is the default?
              • a shame I haven't set up oauth, but maybe it doesn't matter. I can use the stoa by default and see what happens (tm).
            • [[overleaf]] could have made sense but it actually doesn't as the format to deliver the chapter is actually [[markdown]].
            • well, what about just [[vim]]? :)
          • locate chapter outline guidelines in the [[pkg book]] website if there are any
      • [[todd]]
        • call hotel by 5pm and see if he's around / has new contact information?
      • [[opt in writes]]
        • rescue that branch from the flight, it's in my travel laptop
      • fix [[min width]] in some embeds
      • [[hashtag support]]
        • [[sandra]] requested it and she's right, also it shouldn't be hard to implement :)
  • [[maya]]
    • answered
โ†’ node [[2022-07-02]]


  • Read: [[For a Red Zoopolis]]

    • Very good. On [[eco-socialism]]. I like the description of a what [[abundance]] could actually mean.
    • Also introduced me to the idea of a [[Zoopolis]]โ€ฆ
  • I have oscillatory waves of activity on my garden.

    • Sometimes I have blocks of focus on the mechanics of how the garden works.
      • All the PKM, zettelkasten, smart notes, kind of stuff.
    • Then periods of time spent on the actual content.
      • Reading, taking notes, writing about politics, technology, the environment, etc.
    • Occasionally there is a moment of harmony between the waves where the two almost intersect.
      • e.g. critical theory of social media, how digital gardens, the Agora, fit in to that, etc.
  • Chat with Flancian

  • Listened: [[Matt Huber, "Climate Change as Class War: Building Socialism on a Warming Planet"]]

    • More [[eco-socialism]].
    • I listened while doing household chores so have less notes. But it's a good podcast.
    • Marxist approach - emphasis on class struggle, movement building, trade unionism.
โ†’ node [[2022-07-01]]



One says to oneself that there must be happy people somewhere. Well then! Unless you get that out of your head, you have understood nothing about [[psychoanalysis]].

โ€” [[Jacques Lacan]], Seminar III

Tumblr user erratticusfinch on [[liberalism]]:

q: How would you define liberalism?

a: itโ€™s a few different things, because weโ€™re talking about both an ideology and a system of governance, but hereโ€™s the big picture. the key category of liberalism is not freedom, nor is it equality. liberalism has formal versions of both but theyโ€™re mostly to secure the existence of private property (equality in exchange, freedom to contract).

liberalismโ€™s key category is security. that is the common denominator running from Hobbes and Locke to Keynes and Hayek, a fundamental anxiety about the inherent insecurity of class society (or civilization, if youโ€™re nasty).

here are some of the things [[liberalism]] is.

  1. charitably, itโ€™s a worldview and political system based on an idea of endless progress. [[Adam Smith]] and [[J.S. Mill]] conceptualized it as an eternal twin spire of accumulation - of truth and wealth. its purported values are using the self-interested pursuit of oneโ€™s personal โ€œGoodโ€ as a stabilizing social force; universal equality of moral personhood; consensual governance and the guarantee of certain rights; and efficient allocation of resources through a market system.
  2. uncharitably, itโ€™s the organizational principles of global [[capitalism]], the developed descendant of [[Smith]] and [[Ricardo]]โ€™s โ€œscienceโ€ of [[political economy]]. its actual values are security, property, aristocracy, and imperial chauvinism.
  3. structurally, itโ€™s a legalistic form of [[aristocracy]] (โ€œrule of the bestโ€). instead of informal or arbitrary systems like honor and heredity, liberalism combines positive law (statutes, constitutions, judges) with markets, money, and state authority. this combination creates formalized, predictable results that guarantee the security of property, rather than relying on the arbitrary whims of a handful of egomaniacs who think God appointed them. the possibility for reform is built in to defuse instability. it is the tar pit in which we all reside, because we lack sufficient tools to avoid being ensnared; its dedication to procedural values (like formal equality), and its void of substantive content, means liberalism can consistently absorb parts of other political practices and patterns that would otherwise pose a threat, or force competing worldviews to fight them on liberal terrain.
  4. economically, itโ€™s the political order that a nascent capitalism birthed to protect itself, the guarantor of private property. universal naked force for accumulating and hoarding wealth and power is ultimately inefficient because it paradoxically gives the repressed something to unify around hating. [[impersonal domination]] - more subtle forms of coercion by market forces, โ€œinvisible threadsโ€ rather than chains - and personal domination deployed primarily against internal or external enemies (of the nation, of the faith, of the social contract), is a lot more stable in the long term. meanwhile, constant expansion means there will always be new frontiers to exploit. the neutralization of [[class conflict]] is the ultimate goal here.
  5. psychologically, itโ€™s a deep discomfort with the conflictual character of politics, and with the nature of power. fascists and other reactionaries resent liberalism because they think that wringing the blood out of the weak for the amusement and luxury of a ruling class can be achieved without the need for an impersonal bureaucratic machine [see the conservative-cum-Nazi [[Carl Schmitt]]โ€™s critique that liberals treat politics like itโ€™s a debate parlor]. ironically, this brutish desire to dominate is a lesson that fascists learned within capitalismโ€™s absorption and reproduction of preexisting hierarchies and values along the lines of gender, ethnicity, ability, and religion.
  6. in the language of [[Tumblr]], itโ€™s an enemies-to-lovers fic between the working class and the owning class.
  7. personally, itโ€™s a whole heap of shit.
โ†’ node [[2022-06-30]]

Woke up with a sore throat, didn't feel great through the day but made it through the work day. I think I'm feeling better now, nothing serious it seems :)

  • idea to make a [[memex]] for the agora.
    • browser extension where node name is url of page and each annotation is a blockquote with comment for that node
  • [[federated web annotations]]
  • make agora-ui show plain text on initial load
  • [[crowdcast 2022-06-30]]
  • moving tomorrow. I've been pretty stressed this week
โ†’ node [[2022-06-29]]
โ†’ node [[2022-06-28]]
  • I woke up before 3am (departure time) somewhere over the Atlantic. It was beautiful.
    • I slept 3, maybe 4 hours during the flight to [[london]] from [[portland]]. Not amazing but definitely not terrible!
  • #push [[sqlite]] project
  • #push [[localpedia]]
    • A local copy of [[Wikipedia]] could be a good thing to have on our laptops.
    • An easy way to install a version under X gigabytes probably already exists?


โ†’ node [[2022-06-27]]
  • I travel back this evening, although because of a relatively long layover in London (5.5h) and the time difference I'll get to [[Zรผrich]] tomorrow night (after 8PM).
    • We had lunch with [[wil]] in the office and we talked about math and science fiction, it was great.
  • [[travel]]
    • check in
    • pack
    • do covid paperwork with the crappy app or just assume the risk of doing it in the airport
    • pick up the sunscreen shipment from amazon lockers.
  • [[ladee]]
  • [[jz]]

I am writing this in the flight from Portland to London.

After my [[dreams]], and the [[poem]], and what happened this weekend, I keep thinking about [[arrows]]. It may sound like an obsession but it feels more like [[inspiration]].


โ†’ node [[2022-06-26]]
  • I love [[Portland]].
    • I met [[todd]], it was a very significant moment.
    • I met [[wil]], we went on a beautiful walk in the [[japanese garden]]. I am thankful.
    • I met [[john]], [[matthew]].
    • I saw [[mary]].
    • I was only able to spend fifteen minutes in [[powell's books]] but I loved every minute of it and it was enough to know it's amazing.
  • Thank you [[neil]], [[vera]].

It was my mum's birthday today. I'm happy she's visiting soon!


โ†’ node [[2022-06-25]]


โ†’ node [[2022-06-24]]

Yesterday we went on a beautiful walk at sunset with [[Chris]], it was great!

At the lookout point we met [[Enrique]] and we became friends.


โ†’ node [[2022-06-23]]

Haven't written a journal in a little bit. I'm always stoked for the agora-ui frontend I wrote. [[eat your own dogfood]]

โ†’ node [[2022-06-22]]
  • I've been having a nice time in the Seattle area. I'm staying here until Friday, at which time I leave for Portland.
  • [[social coop]]
    • I suspended some reported accounts today (it turns out you can do this for accounts in other instances, which apparently means they can't interact with our instance anymore?). I clicked on the content to confirm they were abusive/inappropriate and they really were. It made me sad and disappointed with people and less hopeful about the [[fediverse]], but thankfully the feeling passed shortly.
  • [[chris]]
  • [[jz]]
  • [[lp]]
  • [[anonymous]]
โ†’ node [[2022-06-19]]

Writing this on the flight to Seattle. My connection in [[Charlotte]] was tight but I made it just fine in the end.

(I wonder who you are, you reading this. If you are interested consider leaving an annotation using the Hypothesis side bar or reaching out :)

Thank you for reading!)

โ†’ node [[2022-06-18]]
  • [[flancia meet]]
    • at different time today, 14 UTC, due to where I am :)
    • meeting [[the one]] today!
  • [[agora]]
    • set up local dev environment to be able to code tomorrow on the way to Seattle
    • priorities are still:
      • opt in writes ([[agora bot]])
      • whatever else I saw my priorities were last weekend, check :)
  • #push [[do]]
    • review [[phone to note]]
    • make it so that pending tasks automatically show up in designated [[todo]] concentrator nodes, like [[do]] in my case


โ†’ node [[2022-06-17]]
  • [[work]]
    • last day working from the [[durham]] office.
    • had some more meetings, but it was a much lighter day today (I needed that).


โ†’ node [[2022-06-16]]

Some things aren't meant to be, I guess. Not in this timeline. It is with pain I experience their loss; accepting the pain I let them go.

I met Ritchie again in the streets of Durham. He was no worse off than last time, but not doing great. We had ice cream together and we walked and talked for a while.


โ†’ node [[2022-06-15]]
  • Third day in the US.
    • [[us trip 2022]]
    • Slept OK it seemed but for some reason I'm struggling to make it to the afternoon without nodding off.
  • [[quantum mailer]]
  • [[do]]


Talking to [[lennon]] about [[ADX]] [[CRDX]] [[automerge]] and [[dweb]]

โ†’ node [[2022-06-14]]
  • Working from the [[RDU]] office, attending a summit.
    • It was very hot yesterday.
    • I gave a talk and it was well received.
โ†’ node [[2022-06-13]]
  • Traveling to the [[US]] after three years!
    • For [[work]] but of course I'll try to enjoy the weekends as mini vacations (without going too crazy, I need rest).
    • Will be meeting friends in [[Raleigh]], [[Seattle]] and [[Portland]].
    • I plan to keep a travel journal in [[us trip 2022]], let's see if it sticks.
  • [[agora]]
    • Discussed options with [[mohammed]].
    • Lots of pending messages, I'll try to catch up on my free but jetlagged day after I get to [[Durham]].
    • [[agora server]]
      • review next action, see pending items from the weekend?
    • [[agora bridge]]
      • opt in writes is still pending and it seems relatively straightforward to do
    • I forgot to check out repositories locally so I wasn't able to work on any of this in the airplane (I don't like paying for wifi).
  • #push [[meta]] as of today, my [[digital garden]] has 247k words -- I checked using [[wc]].
    • Is that a lot? I just realized I have no idea, and having no internet currently, checking is not trivial.
      • I think a thesis has about 30k words, but I forget if that's bachelors or masters? And I might just be off.
      • 30k words is precisely what my journals so far have.
    • I started my garden back when I was using [[roam research]] in the first half of [[2020]].
โ†’ node [[2022-06-12]]


โ†’ node [[2022-06-11]]


  • [[Regenerative farming]]

  • [[Open Infrastructure Map]] is absolutely fascinating. Check out all the power stations, turbines, electricity lines, gas, oil, water pipelines, etc are near you. Built on top of [[Open Street Map]] data (what an amazing project OSM is).

  • Equally fascinating is [[OSM Landuse Landcover]]. Dead interesting to compare urban areas, agriculture and wilderness. No surprise that near me there is a ton of pasture grazing and crop farming, a bit of urban sprawl, and a depressingly small amount of woodland and forest.

โ†’ node [[2022-06-10]]
  • Backnoded: I worked half a day, met [[akshay]] and [[pesho]] in the first half of the day.

Took me a bit to find on verbose regular expressions! Luckily the right search terms were iterated towards...


โ†’ node [[2022-06-09]]


โ†’ node [[2022-06-08]]
  • created pull request for [[ranked subnodes]]
  • took a minute to clean up my calendar. My calendar now gives me less anxiety to look at.
โ†’ node [[2022-06-07]]

I keep coming back to the same refrain: "I will show you the shape of my heart."

(I love you. Yes, you.)


โ†’ node [[2022-06-06]]
  • Went to sleep way too late :)
    • A little nap after lunch went a long way!
    • Then I took a walk with my [[brother]].
    • Then I came back home a bit later than expected but not to late and I decided to work on the [[agora]].
  • trying out [[signal]]
  • [[bengo]]
  • [[pomodoros]]
    • start with a rest -- I'm writing this in the rest while I drink water :)
    • ship [[recursive agora]]
      • took [[3 pomodoros]] but I cleaned up a lot (including UI tweaks), implemented extra functionality, and had fun :)
      • trying calling pulls by Agora users [[wormholes]] :)
    • [[opt in]] [[writes]]
    • agora polls by bot responding to posts with more than one option, like [[yes]] [[no]] [[maybe]]
    • find social coop debug logs
  • answer [[amadeo]]
  • answer [[diego de la hera]]
  • invite [[mathew lowry]]


โ†’ node [[2022-06-05]]


  • [[Grover]]

  • [[Another world is possible]]. But more than that - [[Another world is necessary]].

  • Learning more on [[Markets vs planning]], finding it interesting how [[Friedrich Hayek]]'s stuff on markets as a decentralised information processing system on the surface chimes with what I like about complex systems. And central planning is discordant with what I like about complex systems.

    • But obviously politically I am strongly against what [[neoliberalism]] has wrought, and I am strongly pro what [[socialism]] offers.
    • Intrigued to dig deeper on that. I imagine it might be along the lines of e.g. complex systems exist within another system which provides them with limits and direction, even if it doesn't plan every interaction. Or perhaps just that the analogy between natural systems and artificial ones only goes so far.
โ†’ node [[2022-06-04]]


โ†’ node [[2022-06-03]]

A veces siento que el [[รกgora]] estรก hecha de luz, de bits en el espacio-tiempo fluyendo arbitrariamente cerca de la [[velocidad de la luz]].


  • Starting taking [[voice notes]] (again).

    • Faffed around for a while with Simple Voice Recorder app from Fdroid and syncing via Nextcloud. SVR app is fine - but getting the sync working was annoyingly non-trivial. Settled on just using Matrix Chat for now, which has a voice record feature, and takes care of all the syncing. But now am looking now for an easy way to transcribe them. Lo and behold an article on doing this already exists from Maya! But a bit of setup involved. Maybe I should just use for now while I'm getting in to the habit, otherwise the friction might kill my habit.
  • Been reading the Winter 2022 issue of [[Tribune]] on my Kobo. [[Tribune Winter 2022]].

    • My brother got me a subscription to Tribune as a late birthday present. Got some good stuff in there. Editorial on [[Cost of living crisis]]. Article about [[New Towns]]. Article about socialist science-fiction - some good recommendations in there. Article on successful [[trade unionism]], specifically in refuse workers sector - some organising to drive worker conditions back up. Also something about [[Partygate]] being hopefully the end for Boris Johnson. I think this article is a few months old, doesn't seem to have happened yet though.
  • [[Flancian]] suggested a [[node club]] on [[utopian socialism]].

    • I'm up for that. I've started with a transcribed voice note.
  • Listened: [[Is the UK heading for a recession?]]

  • Listening: [[How to feed the world without destroying it]]

  • [[Appropedia]]

โ†’ node [[2022-06-02]]
โ†’ node [[2022-06-01]]
  • First of June! Feels significant somehow.
    • One month to the quarter (and to do my OKRs at work).
    • Seven months to go in the year.
    • I start this month single for the first time in 10 years.
    • In some Flancias the revolution started one month after [[international workers day]].
      • One month for planning, then a call to action?
  • [[flรขneuse]] == [[calico fisk]]
  • I really want to implement:
    • That script/function to gather all known TODOs from a garden in one place.
    • [[path tracking]] (for the user) in the Agora.
  • Meet [[diegodlh]].

I feel as if something is turning. It might not be much longer.