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The Web Annotation Data Model is the [[W3C]] recommendation from February 2017. [[Hypothes.is]] wrote a blog post about the official standard being finalized.

Annotations are typically used to convey information about a resource or associations between resources. Simple examples include a comment or tag on a single web page or image, or a blog post about a news article.

The Web Annotation Data Model specification describes a structured model and format to enable annotations to be shared and reused across different hardware and software platforms. Common use cases can be modeled in a manner that is simple and convenient, while at the same time enabling more complex requirements, including linking arbitrary content to a particular data point or to segments of timed multimedia resources.

The specification provides a specific JSON format for ease of creation and consumption of annotations based on the conceptual model that accommodates these use cases, and the vocabulary of terms that represents it.

web annotation standard

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