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--->This is a fuzzy, public note. I plan to clarify it next time I see it...

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This is my [Digital Garden].

Digital Garden

In general, a digital garden is an online places that show your developing thoughts.

A blog is where people post finished, polished posts; a digital garden is more of a work-in-progress for writing.

If you search much online, you'll find different kinds of gardens

A Garden with a Greenhouse

I'm not a huge fan of publicly saying something about a topic before I've learned much about it, so I'm using Obsidian as an incubator for my ideas until I clarify them enough to share them.2

A lot of digital gardens have some really cool stuff, once you peruse through them. At the same time, it gets hard to find the cool and clear bits when a lot of it feels like blog posts that are clear and insightful...until you get halfway through and find that it (Or what feels like the first half of an article.) The whole process is out in the open.

Personally, I prefer to keep all my raw thinking in Obsidian so I can cultivate it before I set it out before the public eye to be interacted with by others. (I've found that ideas can get a bit shy or unhelpful when I don't clarify them before I share them. They've got to grow up a bit first before they can dialogue with others well.)

In other words, my public digital garden is mostly made up of crops that have grown a bit, whereas my personal notes are more of a Greenhouse for ideas.

In my use3, this digital garden is an online place to hold my ideas in a way.

What my working goal for this... is is to distinguish between

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    • but maybe show working titles and backlinks for users to click on to see how many would be interested in this or that a note (could help me structure my priorities)
      • I'd need a "this was..." thing above each, btw

A Garden for Ideas; A Garage for Projects

To clarify: the projects I'm working on in public aren't part of my garden. Instead, they're different enough that I prefer to call them my [[Digital Garage]]1.

A good amount of current projects in the garage are indeed things that I want to use in order to build my garden up, but that might have to wait for now. I have a few invention ideas in a separate list, but seeing that those are ideas and not current things I'm aiming to make, I'll wait until I have something more like an evergreen note in order to


1: Note: In my note-taking app, I use [[wikilinks]] (which are links between notes that have double brackets) to connect ideas together. A lot of capital These won't be clickable on this site for now. (Though I do need to set that up...)

2: This happens on the level of individual ideas. I definitely don't want to wait until I master a whole topic before writing on it, but this helps put a balance between sharing where I am in my understanding and developing it on my own.

3: Because I think my usage of this idea is different enough from the common use of it, I might name a new term. This is just my current analogy for now. Subject to change, of course. I just want to distinguish from the common use.

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