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node club

A week-by-week communal [[drift]] through the [[Agora]].

[[vera]] posted in Matrix:

What do you think about node of the week, where we pick a node per week to all write about and/or stoa on

like an agora book club

ā€“ https://matrix.to/#/!WhilafaLxfJNoigHCj:matrix.org/$XIRrdpblqdJ6lxz-p3mJHRcdja2fpEr5FjfS-XmInIs

I love this idea. It will stimulate the community aspect of Agora, to be conversational / goal-oriented. It is a bit like [[Blogchains and hyperconversations]]. And a bit like an async wikipedia edit-a-thon, but highlighting the federated rather than centralised wiki approach a la [[A Platform Designed for Collaboration: Federated Wiki]].

I think nodes for node club should be fairly digestible generic things like a poem, a film, a blog post, easy for people to read/watch and then riff off and take in their own directions and linkings.

A really interesting thing I think would be to see the 2 or 3-hop neighbourhood graph of the node after we'd all done our notings, we'd get this divergent but convergent constellation of thoughts around the node.

The first rule of node club is: you do talk about node club, if you want to.

A great way to seed the node suggestions for a new week is a harvest of some of the forward links from the previous week's node. As it's all about making connections after all. We grow the Agora with [[creeping rootstalk]]sā€¦

Interesting nodes

See https://doc.anagora.org/node-club for interesting nodes of the week.

šŸ“– stoa (open document) at doc.anagora.org/node-club
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