📚 node [[metasj]]



  • [[cascading]] searches
    • ahs search prefix
    • https://oadoi.org
      • non API version that just works: see telegram
      • API seems good though
    • it should take any version of a DOI indicator, either in URL form or not
    • you want it to return the URL of a world readable PDF
  • [[sociofesto]]
  • [[space]]
  • how to assemble good collective ontologies
  • [[interlay]] vs [[interlace]]
    • [[interlay]]: the universe of what's available around a topic. how to deal with reputation, visibility, governance.
      • has the feel of a search engine. search engines were the first interlays :)
      • fast feedback loop, discoverability
      • we have stopped at the second rung of a high ladder
      • [[q]] if there is a governance layer, is it in the interlay? I believe so
        • all layers could have governance components
    • example: an underlay that is a star catalogue
      • a single collaborative dataset
      • social aspects
      • needs coordination, e.g. how to do timestamps; how to sequence observations; how to handle a variety of sensors. these all yield rules that could be interpreted as governance.
    • [[interlace]] is a multiverse; a superset. doesn't have governance.
      • negative space for interlay
        • as you develop reputations, governance, integration approaches for an interlay you may run across things where a decision isn't clear and it feels restrictive (once made) -- you know that one way to address it is to fork
        • pun on interlays
    • have you thought about exchange formats / interop standards
      • interlay: a collection of statements with some default schema
      • a standard schema could be: naming a source and describing its properties
        • aside: catalogue like
      • unsure now because people that care about granular knowledge and compile huge datasets get easily distracted about format questions
        • better to define it in terms of a namespace perhaps
        • it has at least a human readable name, perhaps an autogen machine readable name
        • describes which formats are available
          • structured data
          • human readable text



The government takes one webcam and gives it to your neighbor.


https://anagora.org/metasj for previous notes


[ hub ]

[ legal ]

[ perserverant ]

[ comprehensive ]

[ summarized and annotated ]:

a space for [[synthesis]]



  • Underlay of sources + pipelines;

  • Interlay of aggregations and catalogs;

  • Overlays for search, reading, annotation


  1. Namespace for (articles, concepts, authors)
  • To start: 1M entities, write on read?

[identify 100 disciplines; top X historical + current articles, their authors + cites]


  • get the 1m entities from somewhere

  • get X users to show contribution methods by example.  Good candidates:

  • reading groups paper/book clubs

  • grad students surveying their discipline

  • informal/out of system students

  • citizen scientists

Units of contribution:

  1. choose a discipline, build the "list of 100 historical articles / topics" in it, find sources for it [sync w fatcat]

  2. mark papers as [[state of the art]]

  3. assemble papers into a dependency graph

  4. run or join a [[reading club]] focusing on an area, a book or a set of papers.



[[hypha]] coop

IL: A healthy subspace for prosocial entities to outperform walled gardens --> here that maximizes your utility and connection.

Deustche Bank famously noted how Elsev is benefitting from a distorted market. (The same applies today to app stores...): https://notes.knowledgefutures.org/pub/supertanker/release/3



obsd --> github --> agora



  • [[importance]]
  • [[focus]]
    • for the focus to be sharper, X needs to happen
  • [[context]]
  • [[push]] [[ahs]]
    • instead of trying to figure out how to solve tangential complexity, a platform to focus on what's the focus of our disciplines
    • a platform for [[scholarship]]
    • what do we need?
📖 stoa (open document) at doc.anagora.org/metasj
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