📚 node [[flancia-social-impact]]
  • registered [[501c3]] [[nonprofit]]
  • mission: To provide fiscal services to disadvantaged peoples to ensure their survival
    • We might want to add something about "thriving" in there h/t [[flancian]]
  • I'm still working on paperwork (as of 2021-10-20) but I have a registered business ID with the state of [[Oregon]]
    • I'm hoping my [[EIN]] comes in the mail. I don't see it on the website
      • UPDATE: I have an EIN, waiting on tax exemption approval
  • Hoping to use this to springboard other [[philanthropic]] ventures in our area
  • [[grant proposal writing]]
  • philanthropic arm of the [[flancia collective]]
  • [[nonprofit funding]]
  • [[pending tax exempt status]]

Flancia Social Impact Inc, is a nonprofit 501c3 directed by [[vera]] that will act as the US philanthropic arm of the [[flancia collective]]

The stated purpose is: To provide fiscal services to disadvantaged people to ensure their survival

[[flancian]] mentioned something about adding something about "thriving" in there


Waiting on the [[IRS]] to approve tax exempt status

I opened corporate bank account [[2021-10-29]]

📖 stoa (open document) at doc.anagora.org/flancia-social-impact
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