📚 node [[2021 07 25]]


  • Almost finished [[Anarchist Cybernetics]] now. So much in there of interest to me. The end chapters are tying in to how alternative social media could be designed to facilitate radical viable systems.

  • Liking [[Setting up a new box]]. Despite the yak-shaving, going through a bit of what I'd need to do in disaster recovery, while not actually in a disaster, in handy. Realising a few places I need to tweak my backups and the process (e.g. ssh keys).

  • [[Why Debian?]]

  • [[Internet Cube]]

  • [[infatuation]]
  • trust based agora linking. link semantics like #link url_to_garden, and agora will pull that in because of trust level
  • NOW portable phone battery charger now:: 1628027950573 later:: 1628027932869
  • NOW liquid eyebrow shit later:: 1628027934327 now:: 1628027959645
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