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Another way is to start at the end technology — in this case wiki — and look at what it would take to make it work better in the other stages, the I and the You, the personal and the dialogic.

^ This is huge. And what I think I'm going for with my site. Combine the garden and the stream there. Actually not just there. And then the agora (or interlinking wikis, one way or another) layered on top of that.

But YES - the goal is to combine garden, stream, and agora. The way one does that might take many forms. My chosen form is some kind of indieweb / fediverse / agora mashup.

  • [[dialogic]]

  • Away from reality for a few hours, I am drinking coffee, writing in my wiki, listening to Atlas by Bicep, and having galaxy brain moments.

  • [[What's the difference between my journal and my stream?]]

  • [[Chorus of voices]]

  • It could be interesting to have an action in [[Agora]] that forks (or merges) someone else's node in to my own content store.

    • Similar to what one does in [[FedWiki]].
    • In Agora, however, given the way nodes are all displayed together on one page, you might end up with a lot of duplicated content.
  • Similar to the above on wiki and dialogic: "Good digital note taking tools easily blend into online conversations"


hey, it's been a while. it's like, i forgot about this almost but it was in the back of my mind. today i thought, "maybe i should pick this back up." so, here i am. hopefully i can get back on track for daily entries.


  • woke up relatively late (unfortunately summer has messed up my sleep schedule pretty badly >_>)
  • got a notification i passed my summer classes! pretty happy about this, i thought i was kind of just not going to pass.
  • this one is fun: because of ^, my mom bought me a new keyboard.
    • Keychron C1 with Keychron Brown switches
    • hotswappable(!) i'll probably order some other switches a few months from now and play around with them.
    • of course, i still have to consider... this is an expensive hobby. i hope i don't go too far LOL

i'm still a bit tired from my absolutely awful sleep schedule but ah well what can you do about that. hopefully i can fix that in the next few days.

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