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  • At work my daily inbox trawl and day planning currently takes me around 30 minutes to an hour. I think if I could get that down to consistently 30 minutes or below, that would be good.

    • A bunch of that is tasks that I keep bumping from day to day. I should perhaps have a better process of moving these tasks to the future, so I see them again at roughly the right time, but they don't repeatedly nag me each day.
  • I've trialling using tags to give tasks a particular context/action type (e.g. 'log', 'email', 'review', etc). And batching these tasks up into blocks of time one after the other, so I'm not context switching as much.

  • Ordered a replacement battery for my [[Samsung Galaxy S5]]. I went with a [[PolarCell]] - seems like a good bet. I've had random 'genuine' ones from the local phone shop or off ebay before that went kaput pretty quick.

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