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going to [[in and out]] burger place today. I move on monday

lots of change. my laptop is dying.. I love buying cheap ones. Expensive electronics rub me the wrong way

[[swapspace]] is a nice linux package. it creates a virtual [[swap]] partition for servers with no dedicated swap and manages it for you. All you have to do is install the package, it's [[zero configuration]]

[[htop]] is such a nice app for managing system resources, it's how I discovered my swap issue


The thought and theory of a movement is unleashed only with and after the movement itself. Actions create dreams, and not the reverse.

15:43 by end of summer

  • control of eating. make all of my own food, all the time.

  • control of exercise. every morning, all the time. plan a specific regimen.

    • control of schedule and other habits. not super strict on this one, as what i do differs from day to day, but i need some form of planning to ensure that i'm keeping consistent focus.

  • down to ~145 pounds. don't focus on the number, focus on personal appearance and health.

  • be clean, consistent, on time and reliable - but not so reliable that you're always online. be reliable in person.

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