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OK, so I am continuing working on this from [yesterday]({% link _logs/2020-12-05-journal.md %})journal.md

I thought I'd actually install [[Hugo]] and get it working locally before I attempt to upload it into [[Micro.blog]]. brew install hugo and you're done, which is great.

Looking at hugo --help showed me that Hugo has a [[Jekyll]] import function.

Since I had those social posts that I eventually want to get into Mb, this ended up perfect. I ran hugo import jekyl PATH-TO-JEKYLL . to transform those posts into Hugo compatible files.

I forked the marfa theme and put it into the Hugo folder. Error about a missing custom_footer.html file. Pretty sure this is part of the default Mb themes, so I just created an empty one in partials, and the site built and served locally! Very fast compared to my Jekyll experience: 568 ms for 569 pages and 220 static files!

[[Micro.blog]] has a help page about custom themes. Looks like the Blank theme needs to get merged in for files like custom_footer.html to exist.

Looks like custom footer was the only one missing. I'll keep track of edits to it on the [[Marfa Theme]] notes page.

Looking at Mb plugins. Found [[BigfootJS]] again via the Mb plugin for Bigfoot. Probably better for me to use on this site rather than the super custom margin / side notes.

Enabled the OpenGraph plugin so I get social previews.

Added a Blog category to the navigation, for all the actual blog posts with titles, rather than just short social ones.

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