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Instacart Near and Far

We're talking to Rachael's family back in Ontario, and looking at supporting her mom and helping out so that R's sister Kathy doesn't have to do everything. We're doing a test grocery delivery using Instacart to see if that works for them.

The large stores all have their own delivery, but all of the systems are terrible.

Instacart is slightly better in that it is has one mediocre interface across all the different stores.

I decided to try out an order here in Vancouver, and got delivery from T&T Supermarket, a large Asian grocery store. So, cutting noodles for dinner!

Blog Shuffling

I tried once more to import social posts from my blog into [[Micro.blog]]. Didn't error or anything, so I emailed support.

At some point, my previous support request about getting my archive and photos pages working ended up getting fixed. Now I'm flipping around between themes again, and seeing about customizing something.

I decided to go ahead and swap the domain over from microblog to just blog, and updated the colophon. Whatever happens with the old social posts being automatically imported, I can just sit down with [[Mars Edit]] and recreate them. Hmmm. Although, just looked it up, and 274 posts is a LOT to do manually.

Micro.blog Theming

Mb runs on [[Hugo]] themes, and I had previously gotten as far as cloning the internet-weblog theme. Have to merge that with the default Micro.blog templates and in general figure that out.

I cloned the Marfa theme so I can see about figuring out the defaults.

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