📚 node [[2020-11-07]]


Trying out plan/reality today.


  • Picked up [[ocell]]. She was scared but chill. The people that brought her all the way to Brugg were very nice!
  • Worked on [[agora-plan]].
    • Fixed dev/prod setup (somewhat, still plenty of improvements needed).
    • Updated [[README]].
    • Thought about the best way to support other media.
    • Sent out call for participation: https://flancia.org/go/agora-join.
  • Spammed the Agora a bit :)


  • Book meeting with [[evanward97]].
  • Pick up [[ocell]].
  • Work on [[agora-plan]]. Perhaps in particular integrate one more garden onto the Agora.
  • Check out [[c2]] more thoroughly again; interesting stuff related to the Agora keeps coming up.
  • Perhaps review [[ward cunningham]]'s github, try some of the stuff in there.



  • Thinking about my [[music listening strategy]] a bit today. Finding and listening to music in a way that supports artists gives the finger to the big corps. What's yours?

  • If I wanted to convert my org-roam files for use in [[Agora]], I think the main issue would be lack of wikilinks for internal links. I could make use of a filter function on links to resolve that, I imagine. (I've already got a script for [[converting a whole folder of org files to markdown]]).

  • I think I like the bulleted day log style that for example [[Flancian]] uses. A bullet for each log, not a new heading. I will try this for a while. To be determined however, how this maps up to the [[IndieWeb]] notion of notes and which ones I publish on my stream.

  • I have both a private journal and wiki, as well as this public one. They are two completely separate [[org-roam]] databases. There's a slight disconnect between the two, which introduces some friction when I'm thinking about where I should be writing something.

  • [[Ton]] mentions that he does not like the idea of publishing his notes to the web. "To me that is unthinkable: my notes are an extension of my thinking and a personal tool. They are part of my inner space. Publishing is a very different thing, meant for a different audience (you, not me), more product than internal process". This is very interesting, I'd like to spend some time to reflect on it.

  • Also trying out [[Flancian]]'s method of tagging people as [[person]]. Not sure where that will get me, but interested to see.

  • I watched the webinar The Indie Researcher: Tools for thought and internet academia yesterday. It was interesting, more discursive than really actionable advice, but a few takeaways that I liked:

    • being an [[indie researcher]] should be about being curious in public - not necessarily being an expert in some domain with a position to defend (I think [[Anne-Laure]] said this)
    • being 'indie' doesn't mean you just do it all yourself - it's very much about discussion and community, too
    • it might free you to do some things that might not happen in an academic environment
  • Feeling really happy that Trump lost / Biden won. Biden might not be about to bring in a socialist revolution, but holy fuck at least he's not Trump. It feels good for there to be a positive piece of news for once.

  • Experimenting with [[placing my daily logs in a journal subfolder]]. They would then be ready for being incorporated in to an [[Agora]]. I think it'll be nicer that way just from a general tidyness perspective, too.


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