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Both Stream and Garden

@ton asked:

What could a site look like if it was neither a blog or wiki, but had both those types of content (both stream and garden, so to speak)? Any good examples you know of? https://www.zylstra.org/blog/2020/09/15034/

Well, that's basically what I'm exploring here!

I think notes == wiki and journal == blog, although journals are much more of a mix. For both, using backlinks / wiki-likes rather than exclusively linking or commenting out is a difference. Even bringing in an article or a link to a tool as something more note-like leads to behaviours that are very different than writing a blog, I'm finding. I'm still thinking if I might turn journals into posts rather than the note type they currently are.

Basically, so I can make up for the fact that it's hard to link to "blocks" without a full [[Roam Research]]-like system in place that isn't just Markdown files.

Simply Jekyll

From the comments on Ton's post, @bopuc pointed out [[Simply Jekyll]]. It looks great and I'm going to spend a bit of time seeing if I can integrate it into this site, or switch to using that theme entirely.

This is what's nice when your data -- Markdown files and a little bit of config -- are easily portable between systems.

Institute for Local Self Reliance

https://ilsr.org sent to me by @benzcooper. Looks like an interesting albeit US-centric organization. From their about page:

Our Energy Democracy Initiative empowers households and communities to produce their own local, clean, and renewable energy and oppose the excessive power of monopoly utilities.

The Community Broadband Network Initiative promotes locally rooted, democratically accountable broadband networks that provide fast, affordable and reliable Internet access to all Americans.

Our Independent Business Initiative champions locally owned businesses, leads efforts to fight the unchecked power of corporate giants like Walmart and Amazon, and seeks to reverse the government policies that work against these small, independent businesses.

Our Waste to Wealth Program focuses on moving toward a zero-waste economy, exposing corporate control of the waste sector, and supporting local community efforts to shut down garbage incinerators.

Our Composting for Community Initiative works in diverse communities to create jobs, protect the climate, and reduce waste by advancing local, neighborhood-level composting programs.

Rather than creating an organization, I'm much more interested in doing projects that fit into themes like this. [[SMB Peers]] fits into this, as does [[Vancouver CLT]] and [[Vancouver Local Makers Directory]].

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