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β†’ hypothes.is user Flancian annotated [[banana bread]] at anagora.org on 2024-05-12
Update: it came out amazing indeed! πŸ₯³
β†’ hypothes.is user Flancian annotated [[banana bread]] at anagora.org on 2024-05-12
#public #recipe
I found this and I'm trying it out today \o/ I had exactly four ripe bananas. Looking forward to seeing the results -- thanks @houshuang!
β†’ hypothes.is user chrisaldrich annotated [[mycoverse]] at anagora.org on 2024-03-14
β†’ hypothes.is user chrisaldrich annotated [[nuggets]] at anagora.org on 2024-02-01
β†’ hypothes.is user Flancian annotated [[journals/60]] at anagora.org on 2024-01-15
Cross-posted a social post on Mastodon.
Very cool! I'd love to read about your setup, will look around.
β†’ hypothes.is user Flancian annotated Node [[nodes]] in anagora.org on 2023-07-16
This should now be fixed \o/
β†’ hypothes.is user ajhalili2006 annotated [[agora signup]] at anagora.org on 2023-07-10
To [[contribute]] to the Agora, first you need to publish your [[digital garden]] or [[content]] elsewhere online. The Agora doesn't host your data, but rather pulls it from a location you control and renders it for you and other users; it interlinks it with that of other users.
This is obviously required, because it's by design.
β†’ hypothes.is user indyweb annotated Node [[digital self determination]] in anagora.org on 2023-01-22
designing information infrastructure in ways that favour de-centralisation
designing constellation for information creation/curation/conversational collaboration harnessing decen(tralized) protocols decentralization shifts the parading from centralized silos to a decent/distributed modes, at the edges, where we, the people operate, with increase in autonomy. But what is needed is to **flip** the centralized paradigm and **put people at the center**. **Interpersonal trust network**s build for trust from trust, Empowering individuals and communities to create their own - autonomous digital spaces of their own that are born interoperable with anything in that - space of permanent hypermedia - HyperDocuments, that are - local first, - offline first for all participants yet supports interpersonal collaboration in all collaborative modalities, - real-(time, - eventually consistent async messaging, - continuous without being synchronous, while maintaining - full contiguity of their own personal/community work and digital engagements independent of the tools they use for that purpose. As the IndyVerse/Web/Net/Lab/Learning Commons is piloted at the moment it also offers deep integration with - web annotation services like Hypothesis and Memex, but any other system can readily be bi integrated (two ways) as plug-outs ready to be integrated into individuals' own(ed) workflows the IndyWeb also makes use of TrailMarks (generalized into HyperMarks in the IndyVerse of Intentional Morphic HyperDocuments that itself has 'Universality' in the sense of "Universal Machines' providing a universal way of designating info structures on the fly, as one writes, and intended interpretation across hypermedia content decouple from the means that were used to create them Where documents are not considered enclosures but dynamic views in a global giant emergent permanent digital spaces in the first place. Think of TrailMarks as a plain text Symmathetic Mark-In notation that can be added to any content unobtrusively along with the machinery needed to play this intentional/semanttic/symmathetic game That's what the indyWeb/Net/Hub/Lab pilots It aims to complete existing systems, including centralized ones. Centralized system offer global reach, at the risk of censorship, decentralized systems are uncensorable but very limited in reach as they represent technical and other barriers to on-boarding. On the IndyWeb that Flips the web from server/provider centric to People-centric IndyNet offers zero friction on-boarding and proogressiver trust networks with potential eventually global reach where servi for - flipped web - offline first
β†’ hypothes.is user gyuri annotated Node [[@flancian/gyuri lajos]] in anagora.org on 2023-03-29
inter personal knowledge graph that integrates with [[hypothesis]] and [[memex]] annotations too"
β†’ hypothes.is user Flancian annotated Node [[nodes]] in anagora.org on 2023-03-18
Graph still loading... console.log("loading graph...") fetch("https://anagora.org/graph/json/all").then(res => res.json()).then(data => { const container = document.getElementById('agoragraph'); const currentTheme = localStorage.getItem("theme"); // const backgroundColor = (currentTheme == 'light' ? 'rgba(255, 255, 255, 1)' : 'rgba(50, 50, 50, 1)') const backgroundColor = (currentTheme == 'light' ? 'rgba(255, 255, 255, 1)' : 'rgba(50, 50, 50, 1)') const edgeColor = (currentTheme == 'light' ? 'rgba(50, 50, 50, 1)' : 'rgba(200, 200, 200, 1)') const AgoraGraph = ForceGraph()(container); AgoraGraph.height(container.clientHeight) .width(container.clientWidth) .nodeId('id') .nodeVal('val') // .nodeRelSize(6) .nodeAutoColorBy('user') .zoom(0.1) .onNodeClick(node => { // let url = "https://anagora.org/" + node.id; let url = node.id; location.assign(url) }) .graphData(data); // AgoraGraph.zoom(3); // AgoraGraph.onEngineStop(() => AgoraGraph.zoomToFit(400)); }); // fit to canvas when engine stops console.log("graph loaded.")
This graph usually loads forever / does not load, but that will hopefully be fixed soon :)
β†’ hypothes.is user chrisaldrich annotated [[wiki vim]] - anagora.org on 2022-09-05
β†’ hypothes.is user gyuri annotated [[tools for thinking]] - anagora.org on 2022-08-17
Tools for Thinking Conference New York
β†’ hypothes.is user Flancian annotated [[curiosity needs courage]] - anagora.org on 2022-08-01
Our fears associated with answering our questions stifle our desires to seek out answers. As children, we don’t have the same fears we do today. We’re not worried by what society will think. We’re not worried of being wrong - in fact we almost always are in the beginning. We’re not willing to settle. We just want to reach out and touch the flame.
This made me think of [[zen mind, beginner's mind]].
β†’ hypothes.is user mayaland annotated [[solarpunk]] - anagora.org on 2022-07-08
I think it's got to do with the rejection of [the rejection of art nouveau](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ornament_and_Crime), which all had a Lot Of Ideology tied up in it
β†’ hypothes.is user mayaland annotated [[@flancian/2022 06 26]] - anagora.org on 2022-07-05
I was only able to spend fifteen minutes in [[powell's books]] but I loved every minute of it and it was enough to know it's amazing.
I think there are many great relationships to have with Powell's. Dropping in to get one thing you need. Running by to smell the book air to restore one's faith. Spending enough time browsing to merit paying rent. Pseudo lending library cycles. Etc.
β†’ hypothes.is user mayaland annotated [[@flancian/2022 06 28]] - anagora.org on 2022-07-05
A local copy of [[Wikipedia]] could be a good thing to have on our laptops.
Worth looking into [RACHEL pi](https://worldpossible.org/), I'd guess
β†’ hypothes.is user mayaland annotated [[@vera/2022 06 30]] - anagora.org on 2022-07-05
idea to make a [[memex]] for the agora. browser extension where node name is url of page and each annotation is a blockquote with comment for that node
isn't the agora itself aiming for memexdom?
β†’ hypothes.is user mayaland annotated [[@ryan/2022 07 01]] - anagora.org on 2022-07-05
One says to oneself that there must be happy people somewhere. Well then! Unless you get that out of your head, you have understood nothing about [[psychoanalysis]]. β€” [[Jacques Lacan]], Seminar III
I really enjoy this from a meta perspective of tone. Eau de French intellectual
β†’ hypothes.is user mayaland annotated [[2022 07 03]] - anagora.org on 2022-07-05
My brain is going wild right now thinking about all the [[p2p systems]] I want to build
I am really curious as to what will end up of p2p matrix. Aesthetically I favor hypercore ("here is a CLI and it do magic") but there's Big Energy around Matrix so who knows
β†’ hypothes.is user mayaland annotated [[@flancian/2022 07 02]] - anagora.org on 2022-07-05
[[email]] is decentralized but >90% of people use gmail/hotmail
How true is this if we consider business email? Or: even when businesses use Google business packages, they have the ability to pick up their namespace and leave. That seems pretty important to how email can be relied upon for interbusiness communication. And interbusiness communication is less Important, in a greater sense, than my mom and I sending each other friendly notes in between Proton and gmail -- but much more Infrastructurally Important. Might also be interesting to get meta about why it is that we think first of individual consumer email when evaluating email's centralization.