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this is the day i started my agora :) but besides that:

  • made plans to return my pair of HyperX Cloud Alpha headphones.

    • sound-wise, it was fine. however, they clamp on your head, and that just doesn't work for me.
    • was a exchange from my local GameStop (that was not my decision)
      • the old pair was the Razer Kraken X's, which suffered the same problem
  • made plans to buy a mechanical keyboard finally

    • the mechanical keyboard i am planning to buy: an Epomaker SK87.
      • white color because it's more aesthetically pleasing for me
      • Gateron Optical Browns as the switch
        • the keyboard is hotswappable, so if i don't like it i'll just buy some different switches probably
      • this will be bought using the money from the return of the Cloud Alphas.
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