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Went for a social distanced walk around Stanley Park with @seanlynch. Really great discussion!

I mentioned [[When Tailwinds Vanish: The Internet in the 2020s]] as I do to all people building Internet businesses these days.

Sean mentioned [[DBT]], which he described as "Jinja templates for SQL" -- basically, a way to make SQL more modular and more maintainable, without having to have an abstraction layer over top of it.

Question from Sean, who lived in Vancouver's West End about 15 years ago, was why it didn't seem to have changed much. That is, different businesses and a few changes, but that it seemed "sleepy", in an area of the city that's right next to English Bay and Stanley Park and would seem to be generally desirable to live in.

My theories are:

Limited Turnover: long term rentals, not a significant amount of new building to make a difference, and not a common place for things like student rentals, so not high turnover on a regular basis.

Two buses from anywhere: to get anywhere else in/out of the West End, you're always going to have to take at least two buses (or a bus to get to a Skytrain connection).

I guess there have been some new buildings closer to Burrard / along the water, but that's not really the west end anymore, and they have all been exclusive / expensive condos and townhouses, so again not large numbers of people.

We talked a bit about housing since Sean knows I'm interested in [[Cobuilding]]. Berlin and their rent freeze came up, and also the term "Overton Window" [[Overton Window::lsn-transclude]], which is a conceptual tool I find myself using a lot, so now I'll have an entry here for it.

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