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I had a call today with Claire and Nandini of Check My Ads and Andrea.

Check My Ads currently runs the BRANDED newsletter on Substack and were interested in [[Ghost]].

Andrea is starting a new business and communicating with a lot of people on a lot of different platforms, and was looking at a newsletter option of [[Substack]] vs [[Ghost]] and generally owning her content.

I demo'd the Ghost editing interface using the [[DeployToHeroku]] version of Ghost + IPFS that I maintain for Fission.

I had spoken with [[CanTrust Hosting Coop]], a Canadian hosting coop, and they don't currently support Ghost. Cooperative web hosting, tech support, and open source software development consulting is something that I'm interested in seeing more of, as I wrote in [[Joining Social.Coop]]. I've had a good discussion with the team at CanTrust, some of which I'll look at posting.


  • I created the [[Ghost]] and [[Substack]] pages here to collect info on those systems.
  • I can recommend and support paying for Ghost's commercial hosting -- they are a non-profit foundation producing open source software.
  • If you're going to use Substack, use a custom domain.
  • For those for whom even $29/month is too much money, the 1 click deploy works to get started for free if you set up a Heroku account. Not really recommended unless you've got a technical person to back you up or are yourself comfortable with Git and Heroku already
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