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What Does It Mean to Care and Repair?

Hosted by [[Repair Acts]]

  • Collecting repair stories
  • To build up a picture of everyday repair prctices
  • Repair economies, aesthetics, repair in relation to climate change

Monai de Paula Antunes


Alma Clavin

  • urban planning, well being
  • in the home
    • repair is often cared out by a member of the family
    • bond or gratitude between people helping with repair
  • repair in our own gardens
    • trees and green space within 300m have most impact on mental wellbeing
    • rewilding has lower energy inputs
  • into town
    • repair and maintenance done by the local authority
  • in town
    • planters
      • denaturing of urban space
  • allotments
    • seen as spaces of care and repair
    • care of soil, natural environment, and humans (through foodgrowing)
  • repair of home and objects owned
    • few formal repair shops in Alma's town
    • employment opportunities outside of town
  • vacancy and decay in town
  • relocalising of repair
    • repair value chains
  • members of local community came together to repair buildings
  • community repair shows us we need to be intergenerational
  • out into the wider landscape
    • peat bogs
  • [[Just Transition Fund]]

[[Ravi Agarwal]]

  • involved in policy in waste economy
  • artist in local communities
  • Repair and care
    • not just words, integrated ethics of everyday life
    • not only a human act
    • also part of non-human-non-human interactions
  • Critical of circular economy / resource efficiency
    • relegates communities
    • ignores the provenance of the materials
    • been co-opted by neoliberalism
  • indigenous knowledge, referenced a lot these days but people don't really know what they're doing with it
  • community and commons
📖 stoa (open document) at doc.anagora.org/what-does-it-mean-to-care-and-repair
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